Holistic Educare is an early childhood curriculum self-developed by the Yayasan Kemanusiaan Da Sheng (YKDS)

Education Principles

Early childhood education aims to support children’s holistic and balanced development.

We believe nurturing children’s interest in learning, improving their self-confidence and self-care skills, and providing them with integrated and holistic learning experiences through life-like play and exploration close to their daily experiences, is the best way to cultivate good character and holistic development.

Vision: Strive to improve the quality of early childhood education in Malaysia
Mission: Develop early childhood education curriculum in line with the core literacies of 21st century
Nurture the soft skills children need for the future
Value: Children’s independence, play-based learning, holistic development
Belief: Education for life----the best way to educate children is through action and participation in real life
Work and Activities----Children’s mind development is formed through work and activities

Education Features

  • Play-Based Learning
  • Multiple Intelligence Cultivation
  • Develop 21st Century Skillsets & Mindset
  • Make Good Use of Picture Books
  • Introducing Thematic Learning Zones
  • Foster Lifelong Learning

Curriculum Program

Thematic and Programme-Based Approach
Incorporate 8 Types of Intelligence Elements
Encourage Student-Teacher Interaction
Highlight on Character Development
Thematic Learning Zone
Our ECE curriculum is consisted of :
(1) Early Childhood Education Curriculum
(2) Moral Education Curriculum


Welcome New Collaboration Opportunities
  • Provide courses with advanced concepts and complete themes
  • The professional team provides teaching consultation and class instruction
  • Senior lecturers provide professional teaching training
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