About Us
Yayasan Kemanusiaan Da Sheng(“YKDS” or “Foundation”) was established in 2018 as a charitable public welfare organization. Regardless of race, gender and religious beliefs, it promotes humanities and virtues education, helps the disadvantaged group to get out of poverty to jointly build a society of ''people's careúČlove and etiquette''


Advocate human cultural virtues to purify people's hearts, promote people's humanistic literacy, and build a harmonious and friendly society through the power of mutual assistance and trust.
Our objectives are:

-To undertake charitable acts for the benefit/betterment of humanities irrespective of race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs including but not limited to the alleviation of poverty, to provide funds to needy persons, orphans, and other less fortunate or underprivileged persons, to provide funds to needy persons to meet medical expenses, to fund and support and provide conveniences to dialysis patients and centres.
- To fund and support kindergartens, schools, vocational, and academic institutions including providing scholarships to needy children and families irrespective of race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs to attend kindergarten, pre-school, school, and/or tertiary and/or vocation education.
- In addition, the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has approved the tax exemption for donations to YKDS. With the tax exemption certificate issued by IRB, we will make good use of donations from all parties to implement various goals.
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